Ramcharger Concept could soon become a reality

Off-road enthusiasts never seem to get enough thrill and adrenaline. Ramcharger Concept has sparked the imagination of many. Certain vehicles define the off-road realm with the help of smart engineering.

What’s interesting is that several reports came up that a new Ramcharger model is coming into existence. Apparently the company has been working on it. Although these reports are not official, several assumptions and speculations make a 2017 Ramcharger too good to be true.

This Ramcharger Concept model holds that styling and aesthetics of Dodge Charger combined with the virtuosic power of Ram trucks. The result is a brawny SUV capable to conquer all type of terrain.

ramcharger concept

Ramcharger Concept – Possible Powertrain

To bring out the beast in this Ramcharger Concept, the makers might use a 6.4 liter HEMI V8. This engine is used for powering Ram’s heavy-duty pickup trucks. The speculated output of this engine will be 460 lb-ft of torque and 440 HP.

An 8-speed automatic transmission system could be used with this engine along with the options for a manual shifting. Most importantly, a robust 4-wheel drivetrain will be employed in this SUV. Several car experts have suggested that additional 2-wheel drive mode can be featured. As to the fuel economy, don’t expect this model to be generous on fuel savings as it might turn out to be a thirst quencher.

Exterior design

If the reports are true, this Ramcharger Concept will come to reality. Its outer body will be the most interesting factor. Several rendered images of this vehicle have already come up.

According to some of these images, the overall design of this SUV will be a blend of Ram pickup trucks and Dodge Charger. While its front fascia typically seems to be Ram pickups heredity, the rest of its body has been inspired by Dodge Charger.

Some of the renders also hold that a significant lift has been given to this model which creates a high ground clearance. This might also be the result of incorporating an active suspension system specially tuned for off-road driving.

ramcharger concept interior

Ramcharger Concept – Interior

The interior cabin of this ‘soon to be a reality’ Ramcharger will definitely come as a delight. To relate with some of the renders, the interior cabin mostly relates with Dodge Charger. This directly implies that customers will now have enhanced driving experience with a world class luxury offered by its cabin.

Of course, there’s no doubt that ample space will be available as it based on an SUV structure. Seating arrangement for 5 people in this cabin has been expected. Moreover, a slew of technological features has been expected. This would include an upgraded infotainment system backed up by a premium audio system.

Price and Release Date

This SUV is definitely going to have great pricing. Some rumors say that the base model will start from $28,990. The price will definitely increase with the higher trims. As to its release date, expect new Ramcharger to go official during the first part of 2017.


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