2017 GMC Sierra HD vs 2017 Ram HD

Heavy-duty pickup trucks are not everybody’s amusement. However these vehicles sure offer staunch and powerful performance which is just needed for performing power-intensive tasks such as hauling and towing. Designed and engineered as work vehicles, heavy-duty pickup trucks are no less than land leviathans. Similarly, GMC Sierra HD and 2017 Ram HD are two heavy duty pickup trucks that stand competitively against one another. Both of these vehicles offer brawny power along with several key features.

Various trims have been presented for both of these models and buyers can choose between them. So let’s have a quick insight of what these 2 pickup trucks have to offer by comparing them as 2017 GMC Sierra HD vs 2017 Ram HD.

2017 GMC Sierra HD vs. 2017 Ram HD

2017 GMC Sierra HD vs 2017 Ram HD – Powertrain

Engine is the most important factor of any vehicle. Both of these pickup trucks offer great performance which is made possible by their hunk engines. To note such, Ram HD uses a 5.7 liter V8 Hemi engine as standard. This engine gives 410 lb-ft of torque and 395 HP, up to 13,900 pounds of towing capacity. A 6-speed automatic transmission has been used with this engine.

On the other hand, GMC Sierra HD uses a 6.0 liter Vortec 6000 gasoline engine that is paired with a 6 speed Allison 100 automatic transmission. It produces 380 lb-ft of torque and 360 HP. This standard/base engine offers a maximum towing capacity of up to 14,600 pounds.

So things seem to get interesting with 2017 GMC Sierra HD vs 2017 Ram HD face-off regarding the engine. To be fair enough, Ram HD takes the crown here as it has got higher output numbers.

Exterior comparison

Appearance is of utmost importance for any vehicle to be successful as nobody wants to buy a weird or ugly looking ride. Similarly, 2017 Ram HD benefits from potential looks and of course, the design cue for exterior body varies with trim levels.

Taking base models as guinea pigs here, the design language of Ram 2500 HD seems to be interesting as the brawny nature of this pickup truck has been portrayed. But the base model seems to be too plain and workaholic with no interesting visual elements.

But things get interesting in 2017 GMC Sierra HD as base models too have stylistic visual elements. The headlights have a diamond LED styling, front bumper feature plastic cladding; additional air intake has been presented on the hood. So GMC Sierra 2500 HD is a winner here.


As base models are compared in this content, interior cabin of both of the models are interesting. While not much technological features are to be found in the base variants, Ram 2500 HD has a comfortable interior cabin as vinyl has been used extensively. Hand-crank windows and manual door locks are featured so not much of fascination here.

GMC Sierra HD features a spacious interior cabin with an array of modern safety features. The makers do not miss style factor on the other hand for this cabin. So, both of these models get a fair share of trophy as far as their interior cabins are concerned.


As to the price of these pickup trucks, 2017 GMC Sierra HD starts at $34,000 while Ram 2500 HD starts at $32,500. So there’s no vast difference in pricing of these two models and both seems to make a great choice.


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